Shoreline Policy Manual Series #2000 - Instruction

Table of Contents:

Instruction - Series #2000

Goals 2000

Library Media Centers 2021

Procedures 2021P

Form - Request for Reconsideration of Instructional or Library/ Media Materials 2021F-A

Form - Procedures for Reconsideration of Instructional or Library/Media Materials 2021F-B

Online Learning 2024

Procedures 2024P

Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs 2104

Learning Assistance Program 2108

Instruction in Basic Skills and Work Skills 2111

Procedures 2111P

Essential Learnings 2113

Program Compliance 2114

School to Career 2115

Procedures 2115P

Learning Improvement Teams 2116

Procedures 2116P

Curriculum Development 2120

Procedures 2120P

Form - Pilot/Revised Course/Program Offering 2120F-A

Form - Pilot Course Summary and Recommendations 2120F-B

Form - Pilot Course Evaluation2120F-C

Cross Crediting Courses 2122

Procedures 2122P

Form - New and/or Revised Course/Program Offerings 2122F

Instructional Responsibilities 2123

Sexual Health Education 2125

Program Evaluation 2130

Procedures 2130P

Research Projects 2135

Procedures 2135P

Form - Research Request and Proposal Summary 2135F

Guidance and Counseling 2140

Procedures 2140P

Alternative Education Programs 2142

Co-curricular Program 2150

Procedures 2150P

Interscholastic Athletics 2151

Form-Athletic/Leadership Contract 2151F

Co-curricular Activities -- Desired Student Outcomes 2152

Procedures 2152P

Noncurriculum-Related Student Groups 2153

Procedures 2153P

Instructional Programs - Special Grants, Donations, and Partnerships 2155

Procedures 2155P

Form - Grant Routing Form 2155F-A

Form - Grant Routing Form 2155F-B

Education of Students with Disabilities under Section 504 2160

Procedures 2160P

Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students 2161

Procedures 2161P

Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program (ELL) 2162

Procedures 2162P

Vocational Education 2164

Procedures 2164P

Home/Hospital Instruction 2165

Procedures 2165P

Highly Capable Program 2166

Procedures 2166P

Substance Abuse Program 2167

Procedures 2167P

Remediation Programs 2168

Procedures 2168P

HIV/AIDS Prevention Education 2169

School Climate 2170

Secondary Academic Options 2171

Form 2171F

Environmental Education Programs 2172

Animals in the Schools 2173

Procedures 2173P

Form 2173F-A

Form 2173F-B

Form 2173F-C

Parent, Family, and Community Partnerships 2180

Procedures 2180P

Preschool and Childcare Programs 2181

Procedures 2181P

Multicultural Education 2190

Academic Acceleration 2195

School Accreditation 2205

Grade Organization 2210

School Calendar 2220

School Closure 2221

Student Classroom Placement 2230

Class Size 2231

Grade Level Placement 2232

Summer School 2240

Community Schools and Adult Education 2250

Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials 2311

Procedures 2311P

Form - Request for Reconsideration of Instructional or Library/ Media Materials 2311F-A

Form - Procedures for Reconsideration of Instructional or Library/Media Materials 2311F-B

Copyright Compliance 2312

Procedures 2312P

Free or Inexpensive Materials 2313

Student and Staff Access and Use of Networked Information Resources 2314

and Communications

Procedures 2314P

Forms 2314F

Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education 2320

Procedures 2320P

Guest Speakers 2321

Procedures 2321P

Contests for Students 2322

Academic Freedom 2330

Controversial Issues 2331

Flag Exercises 2333

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Education 2334

Health, Family Life, and Human Growth and Development 2335

Ceremonies and Observances 2336

Religious-related Activities or Practices 2340

Procedures 2340P

Religion and the Curriculum 2341

Procedures 2341P

Religious Holidays and Observances 2342

Procedures 2342P

Religious-related Assemblies 2343

Prayer and Devotional Activities 2344

Commencement Exercises 2345

Demonstrating Course Proficiency 2409

Procedures 2409P 2409P

High School Graduation Requirements 2410

Procedures 2410P

Certificate of Educational Competency 2411

Alternative Education Program 2412

Educational Clinics 2413

Form 2413F

Waiver of High School Graduation Credits 2418

Grading and Progress Reports 2420

Procedures 2420P

Promotion/Retention 2421

Procedures 2421P

Class Rank 2422 (Rescinded by School Board on 1/13/14)

Homework 2430

Student Recognition 2440